Introduction and Planning

Introduction and Planning

2020-2021, two corona years have shown that teachers and students are not enough familiarised with digital teaching tools. If for the future we want students to be resilient on that matter we need to adapt our way of teaching. This research aims to develop a course that combines the classical teaching didactics with digital didactics also know as blended learning for a secondary education course of geography. During this development process time and energie will be invested in training and supporting other teachers.

This research has a double purpose.

  • To develop a qualitative blended learning geography course that proves and convinces the added value of blended learning to teachers and students.
  • Exploring if non-professional scientist can produce qualitative research that could be published in an official journal.

Year 1:

  • Literature review
  • Introduction and methodology
  • Developing a blended learning course about geography

Year 2: First implementation cycle

  • Training  teachers
  • Evaluating and adapting the course

Year 3: Second implementation cycle

  • Trained teachers implementing the course 
  • Evaluating and adapting the course

Year 4: Publishing research paper